Xolatlaco House

Located in Tepoztlán, a town 76 km south from Mexico City, this house opens to the views of the breath-taking mountainous landscape. The house is constructed of regional materials, such as volcanic stone and wood. The idea behind the design was to create a corridor framed by 2 courtyards that separate the public and the private areas of the house. On the front, there is a terrace with the kitchen, dinning and living room, with moving windows, the house opens to the views and the nature. On the back of the house, there are 4 bedrooms with a more private social area and a small terrace with a swimming pool. The combination of a simple house and simple materials becomes a modest house retreat to escape from the city.

location: Tepoztlan, Mexico

type: Residential

area: 290 m²

year: 2020-2022

status: Completed

eric delitzsch architects
work art studio