Rammed Earth House

Rammed earth, a building material made by compacting certain soils, has been used by many civilizations. The most durable of the earth-building forms, rammed earth may be used for making building blocks or for constructing whole walls in place, layer by layer. Wall thicknesses are usually at least 12 inches (30 cm), a mass that results in a high thermal capacity, keeping the internal conditions uniform in climates having large variations in temperature from day to night. To give it increased resistance to weather, the wall surface is often treated with plaster, bitumen, or linseed oil. most notably, rammed earth structures use local materials, meaning they have low embodied energy and produce little waste.
This project looks to implement this type of walls that have been used for centuries, giving it a mayor role on the house. The house is spired by the surrounding architecture, on one side, the structure is inspired by the wood structures that hold a gables roof from the nearby buildings. On the other side, the inside is made from dark wood, which contrast with the rammed earth walls.


type: Residential


year: 2021

status: Proposal

eric delitzsch architects
work art studio