LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch

While nature is disappearing in the world, this project tries to achieve the opposite, to unite people with nature.
This project tries to integrate with nature, eliminating conventional walls and creating an area that helps protect the user from the weather. This space, made up of small mounds of stone and soil, generate an opportunity to grow different plants, from edible plants to endemic plants in the area. While different pavilions are created with different plants, compost can be generated that will help form different mounds and to nurture the different species that are planted. This generates a cycle, which takes advantage of the different stages of nature, which generates a solution to the disappearance of nature in the world.
As the user enters the pavilion, he has a connection with the plants and the environment. Upon reaching the center, you find a free and protected space that creates a social and relaxation space. As the day goes by, the "patio" generates different shadows. This pavilion seeks to generate an awareness of the importance of the vegetation that is in the surroundings, while giving the user a space to relax and discover. The holes generated by the roof allow the vegetation to appear and grow between the structure, giving the illusion of a floating forest.

location: Nevada, USA



year: 2020

status: Proposal

eric delitzsch architects
work art studio