Insurgentes Sur 609

As city are increasing in density, we as architects are searching for solutions to create spaces for people to live and feel comfortable. The solution of this building, in the corner of one of the busiest streets in the Mexico City and a small street, is to create spaces that relate to nature. This building consists of 15 floors. The ground floor is used for parking, the first floor is a public space for the residents, with a swimming pool, courtyards, a gymnasium, and a studying/plating room. From the 2nd floor to the 15th floor we have residential apartments. The idea to create parking on the ground floor is to elevate the public space, so it becomes more private from the street and make it feel more comfortable. As you see the building from the street, you can notice the gardens in each terrace, giving the illusion of a forest. It is important to highlight that the building is designed to be sustainable, by collection water, recycling water, reusing the water, collect energy through solar panels and reduce the energy consumption. At the end, the idea behind this, is to create a direct connection with nature in such a big city, where green spaces are decreasing each year.

location: Mexico City, Mexico

type: Residential

area: 2000 sq m

year: 2020

status: Proposal

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