Premio Félix Candela

Santa Ana del Rio is an indigenous community with less than 800 inhabitants, all of whom speak Zapotec as their main language and their main source of income comes from the production of mezcal and construction. Located in the central valleys of Oaxaca adjacent to the Sierra Madre del Sur where around 65% of the mezcal of the entire country is produced, Santa Ana del Rio is taken as a replicable model to the thousands of indigenous communities that produce distillates or fermentations from the agave located throughout the country and which due to lack of opportunities, infrastructure and commercialization of their products impede their growth and expose them to being the target of exploitation of their natural resources by tequila or mezcal companies, breaking the productive cycle in its first link, putting in risk the survival of a millenary tradition and with this one of the main riches of Mexico.

location: Santa Ana del Rio, Mexico



year: 2020

status: Proposal

eric delitzsch architects
work art studio